Quality Management


Top Management at ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. shows its commitment to the quality management system through the development and implementation of this quality manual. Additionally, management commitment is demonstrated through the ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. Quality Policy, the specific objectives that are set and reviewed during Management Review Meetings and by providing the resources required to meet our objectives for continually improving the effectiveness of our operations and quality system.

The management team consisting of the President and all department managers is chartered with ensuring our products and services meet customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements.

We strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and our commitment to customer satisfaction by monitoring our performance against our established objectives and through leadership that promotes employee involvement. This concept represents ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. commitment to quality and the increasing need to better serve a growing and demanding customer base.

ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. Quality Policy

ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. has established a Quality Policy that we feel is appropriate to our organization and meets the requirements set forth in ISO 9001:2008. This policy is communicated throughout the company. Department managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring all employees understand the policy. To ensure our policy remains appropriate, it is reviewed at least annually at one of our Management Review Meetings.

The ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. Quality Policy:

ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. is committed to consistently providing high quality products and services for its internal and external customers through adherence to its established Quality Management System and a commitment to continual improvement

ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. Quality Management System utilizes the Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle. This is the operating principle of ISO’s management system standards.

Plan – establish objectives and make plans (analyze your organization’s situation, establish your overall objectives and set your interim targets, and develop plans to achieve them).

Do – implement your plans (do what you planned to).

Check – measure your results (measure/monitor how far your actual achievements meet your planned objectives).

Act – correct and improve your plans and how you put them into practice (correct and learn from your mistakes to improve your plans in order to achieve better results next time).

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