Conflict Free Minerals Policy

As part of its commitment to global social responsibilities, ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. prohibits using in its products Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W), Tantalum (Ta), Cobalt (Co) and Gold (Au) from any source whose supply chain, back to the mines of origin of the minerals used to produce these metals, contributes to human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries.

ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. is committed to operate in full compliance with governing laws, rules and regulations and to adhere to appropriate customer requirements applicable to the procurement of the refined metals used in ILSI products.

With the context of this complex and developing issue, ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. will take measures to exercise due diligence on the sources of refined metals used in its products and as much as possible to purchase material from suppliers in an effort to achieve a “conflict free” supply chain.

ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. will communicate this statement to the suppliers of its refined metals and require that they adopt similar requirements for materials supplied to ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc.

ILSI America LLC/ILSI-MMD Inc. management is committed to involvement in and oversight of the company’s procurement programs and implementation on a conflict free supply chain.

Conflict Free Minerals Policy Letter

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