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Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators use temperature-controlled environments within the OCXO to keep the quartz crystal inside at a constant temperature in order to prevent changes in the frequency if there are variations in the external temperature. OCXO’s are typically used to control the frequency in telecommunications, cellular base stations, data communications, instrumentation, test, and measurement equipment where the highest frequency stability is required. ILSI Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO) are supplied in a wide frequency range with several voltages and logic options to choose from. ILSI OCXO products are supplied in temperature stabilities ranging from 1 ppm to 5 ppB. Output logic options for these oscillators consist of HCMOS, Clipped Sine-wave, and Sine-wave configurations. Our OCXO products are supplied in multiple thru hole and surface mount package configurations as well. If your application requires it, custom performance characteristics are available. For even more product options, please visit MMD Monitor/Quartztek Frequency Control Products.

Image Series SMD or LEADED Size (mm) Height (mm) Frequency Range Details
I428 LEADED 26.16 x 26.16 11.68 100.000MHz Datasheet Quote Request
I426 LEADED 26.16 X 26.16 11.68 10.000mhZ Datasheet Quote Request
I416 LEADED 25.7 x 25.7 13 10 MHz - 30 MHz Datasheet Quote Request
I411 LEADED 20.5 x 20.5 10.5 1 MHz - 150 MHz Datasheet Quote Request
I405 LEADED 27 x 36 19.5 1 MHz - 150 MHz Datasheet Quote Request
I408 LEADED 26 x 26 13.5 1 MHz - 150 MHz Datasheet Quote Request
I401 LEADED 12.6 x 20.7 10 1 MHz - 50 MHz Datasheet Quote Request
I414 SMD 22 x 25 12 10 MHz - 20 MHZ (Contact Sales Channel for available frequencies) Datasheet Quote Request

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