ILSI America ILCX20 series super ultra- miniature/super ultra-low profile crystal is perfect for Wearable Applications

August 4, 2015

Reno, NV – ILSI America LLC’s ILCX20 series crystal with package dimensions of 1.6mm X 1.2mm X 0.40mm, offers outstanding electrical performance, and a wide frequency range unmatched in a footprint and profile of this size.

“This product will provide Design Engineers with a super ultra-miniature high performance crystal where space is at a premium in their board designs and height is a critical parameter. The ILCX20 featuring a height dimension of 0.40mm is ideal for boards with dimensions of 7mm X 9mm X 1mm and smaller typically including a microprocessor and more than 20 components” said David Stantley, Global Sales and Marketing Manager of ILSI America, LLC. “This product is well suited for applications such as wearable fitness devices and GPS trackers, IoT, RF, and RFID tags.”

Product Highlights:

• 1.2mm X 1.6mm X 0.40mm Ceramic SMD Package Size with four pads
• Frequency Range of 26mhz to 60mhz
• Tolerance stabilities down to +/-10ppm
• Operating temperature range of -40 to +85 deg C
• Load capacitance of 8pf to 32pf
• Superior auto pick and place and board adhesion
• Industry leading pricing and lead time

About ILSI America LLC: Founded in 1987, ILSI America LLC has been a market leader in frequency control products for over 25 years. ILSI America LLC provides turnkey supply chain management solutions and engineering support for our frequency control products for our OEM customers and worldwide distribution partners. Please visit our website at and or please email us at

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