ISM46 Series CMOS Low Voltage Clock Oscillator

The ILSI ISM46 CMOS 1.0Vdc clock oscillator is perfect in low voltage applications as Design Engineers strive to meet lower power budgets in both voltage and current in their designs. The ISM46 also features extremely low current draw of 2mA to operate where standard 3.3Vdc clocks require 20mA.

The ISM46 offers Design Engineers the combination of extremely low voltage and current to power the clock circuit thus providing less demand on battery powered applications and a dramatic increase in battery lifespan.

Product Features
  • Frequency Ranges: 312.5kHz to 60MHz
  • Supply Voltage: 1.0Vdc
  • Tri-State function on Pin 1
  • LVCMOS Compatible
  • SD/HD Video
  • Wireless
  • Base Stations
  • Sonet/SDH
  • T1/E1, T3/E3

Series Summary    ISM46